A Week in St Augustine Beach

Crazy to say, but I graduated college on May 1st ! Then on May 3rd my friends and I were on a flight down to Florida to celebrate our achievement! We spent the week in St. Augustine Beach, which was awesome. We ended up choosing it over other places because one of my friends had been a few times and said there was a lot to do, she wasn’t wrong!

We found a fantastic Airbnb in a condo complex right on the beach, we just had to walk over the dunes and we could see the ocean! We also had a pool right outside our door that was a part of the complex which was awesome! 

On a side note, I would definitely recommend renting a car if you can, because sometimes Ubers took a while (could just have been a shortage that week), and you couldn’t really walk anywhere besides the beach


What We Did

Scoot Coupes: These are a MUST DO in my opinion. My friends and I had the best time riding around in them, little 3 wheel vehicles. It was $66 for the hour and you had 2 people per scooter! Definitely one of the best things of the week! (We rented through St Augustine Bike Rentals but I believe there are a few throughout the town).

The Beach: Of course, an obvious one! The beach we stayed on was fantastic, we were far away from any public entrance and it was beautiful. 

Shopping Downtown: They had some cute shops, overall if you are a shopaholic like me, not many stores peaked my interest. I did love the store JR Benet, they had cute jewelry and small things like ornaments! 

Where We Ate

Sunset Bar and Grill: Decent food and drinks, I would say it was a solid 7, nothing special but I didn’t dislike it. It had mostly normal American food.

Beaches: We had lunch here and it was AMAZING!! The atmosphere and drinks were the best, outside on the water! The drinks were so good, I got a Pina Colada and it was one of the best I’ve had (while not being on an island)! Food was good as well, nothing special but it got the job done. We tried fried alligator here, tastes almost like chicken but more chewy!

The Backyard at Meehan’s: We got lunch here, I had a good burger and great fries!

The Conch House: This was right on the water and the food was pretty good, they offer a lot of seafood which is something I wish I liked! Overall, a decent place, what makes it special are the elevated palapa huts to sit at! Make sure to call ahead and reserve one, because we were not able to get one and they look so cool!

Mojo’s Tacos: The Tacos here were very good, and a good deal! I think I paid under $15 for 2 good sized tacos, a sweet tea, chips, and a side of salsa! 

A week spent on the beach and with friends never disappoints! Do you have plans with friends or family this summer? Let me know in the comments! 

The Conch House! ^

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