Decorating a Dorm Room

As a senior at Bentley University, I am almost done living in a dorm. Luckily, Bentley has nice housing, and as an upper-classman, you can live in an apartment on campus. With this, it comes furnished with the basics such as desk, bed, and dresser, etc. Dressing up this space so that it felt less like a dorm was my mission for this year, especially with most classes online and spending so much time in my room. A real focus for this year was in how I arranged my workspace.

When I was abroad, I bought a few paintings in Paris that I absolutely loved and knew I needed to include in my room. Then over this past summer, I went into Target and HomeGoods almost every week to see what deals I could grab, and build up my room decor. I was super excited when I was able to find a bunch of frames on clearance when HomeGoods first re-opened back in May!

After finding so many frames in HomeGoods and Target, I decided to do a small gallery wall above my desk to fill the empty space. I stuck with a classic theme, sticking to the colors black and gold. I love how it turned out! In order to bring the colors throughout my room, I used smaller accents like candles and vases, which really finishes the look. My aim was to create a bright, fun space to work in which I believe I have. I put pictures and details below to get an idea of how it came out and where everything is from!

I brighten my workspace by using mirrors and fresh flowers!

Most of the things I have in my room for decor either came from Target or HomeGoods, and with a couple accents from the Pottery Barn Outlet. I found the tri-fold mirror on my desk for only $18 at the outlet! It is such a good quality, and the style is classic and chic, the perfect addition to my room. I absolutely love the look it brings to my desk and the fact that it was such a good deal makes it even better! 

My bedding is from Macy’s and HomeGoods, and the rug is from Target. I like to use a lot of little lights throughout my room to brighten the space!

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