A Stylish Way to Share Your Faith

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One of my favorite Christian companies is Elevated Faith. I absolutely love their products! They offer a variety of different styles of products, and they have both men’s and women’s sizing in most items. They offer everything from jewelry to apparel to stickers, and in my experience, the quality has been fantastic. Additionally, their apparel is made in the USA, a bonus that I happen to love!

I love that, as you can find on their website, the founder Josh Gander said he wanted none of the glory, but that all would go to God. Below is their purpose that I found on their website.

Elevated Faith creates conversation starters: jewelry and apparel that open doors for wearers to tell friends and strangers about their faith.

In my first order, I purchased stickers and three rings. (I posted pictures at the bottom of this page!) I have now had the rings for over 6 months, and the quality has stayed impressive. I have also purchased their Highs and Lows Hoodie, which I wear almost every day. The comfort of this sweatshirt led me to also buy their Made in the Image of God Hoodie (I also wear this all the time)! 

I have found that wearing these products is such a great way to share my faith. Many Elevated Faith items offer a simple message, and I believe because of this they are great conversation starters. I also have a bracelet from Elevated Faith that I receive endless compliments on, which has a small golden bar that reads Jesus is King, a simple yet powerful statement!

In addition to being a great way to share my faith, I have noticed that the pieces I own have become great daily reminders to live and love as Jesus did. I wear one ring that has on it the believed coordinates of the birthplace of Jesus. It is such a great reminder whenever I look at it, to live how Jesus did.

Also, I have added a handful of their stickers to my laptop. One of my favorites says, “be the reason someone believes that God is good.” I put it on the base of my keyboard – right next to the trackpad so I see it every time I use my laptop. It is such a simple, beautiful, and powerful reminder that I am always representing not only myself, but also God and His love.

If you have been looking for an easy and stylish way to share your faith, I would definitely recommend checking out their website. They offer a huge variety and it is all so comfortable and cute! Recently, I became a brand ambassador for Elevated Faith; for 15% off your purchase, use my code JennyT15Click here to shop!

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